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Name:Annual xchange ft.underrepresented genders & sexes
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Formerly run under the name rarewomen of LJ (pre-changes), we strive to be a fanfiction exchange that celebrates underrepresented genders.

Timeline for 2015 Exchange
Now: discuss potential nominations @ this post
January 30-February 7 11:59PM CST: nominations @ AO3, promotion @ your journal/twitter/tumblr
February 8-February 14 11:59PM CST: nominations clean up
February 15-March 1 11:59PM CST: sign ups @ AO3
Early-to-Mid March: assignments out @ AO3/your email
April 18 @ 9PM CST: drops/defaults after this time subject to banning in 2016
April 25 @ 9PM CST: stories due @ AO3
May 3 @ 6PM CST (pending no issues): stories and authors go live @ AO3, share and link your and other's work @ your journal/twitter/tumblr

2015 FAQ here

our tumblr
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