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Welcome to the last day of April. That means our archive will go LIVE in three days, on May 3! If everything appears ready to go, we'll open as soon as possible on that day, and so far we seem on track to go live then!

Pinch hitters: Keep going! If you are coming against any issues, email me asap!

All other participants: If you haven't already, take a final look at your story. Make any last-minute edits, or changes that a beta got back to you after the deadline. Make sure to hit PUBLISH rather than Save as Draft, because we want everyone to see your lovely finished work!

If you have the weekend free and would like to write some mini gifts (of any length, really), the collection is open for stories! 

Thank you all so much!
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Things to remember as we near the due date:
  • upload your story if you haven't already (or finish it, or get it betaed!)
  • read over what you've uploaded and check for any lingering issues
  • be sure to PUBLISH rather than SAVE AS DRAFT
  • if you know you won't be able to finish by midnight 4/25 (CST, possibly a few hours after), make the responsible choice! drop and give your assignment to a pinch hitter, or contact me (aphrodite.mine at gmail) and we'll discuss options
  • again, for emphasis, be sure to PUBLISH rather than SAVE AS DRAFT

Steady on!
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Today is the last day you can default from this year's [community profile] rarelywritten  exchange without being penalized for next year. So, look at where you stand and your availability for the next week and consider what's best for your recipient -- if you default, you may still finish a story, but a pinch hitter will ensure that they have a story on time.

Stories are due on April 25 -- that, again, is one week from now.

We'll hopefully go live one week after that, assuming there aren't many last-minute drops and no-shows.

If you have any questions or problems, send me an email aphrodite.mine at gmail or leave a comment at the comment post and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


A side note: for those of you who listen to and/or record podfic, you may be interested in [community profile] recsremixesrepods  which aims to promote podfic of character of underrepresented genders and sexes.
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Greetings! Thanks to the pinch hit list for your fast and comprehensive response so far! Those of you writing, I hope your progress is going well!

If you are considering dropping the exchange, you have until April 18 to do that without being kept from next year's exchange (and dropping before that date will help us obtain pinch hitters in time for the reveal)

We're nearing crunch time, so if you're one of those who haven't started yet, go go go! <3
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Hi friends!

Hopefully you have started at least brainstorming about your [community profile] rarelywritten  fic! 

Stories are due on April 25, and you have until April 18 to drop without penalty for whatever reason.

If you feel ahead of schedule, check out the dear author letters and consider writing a treat or two -- these can be uploaded in the main collection.

If you have any questions or issues that arise, here again is the comment post, or you may email me at aphrodite.mine at gmail.com


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