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This is your three-hour heads up, continue as you were. :D
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A little over 24 hours left in nominations! If you're waiting til the last minute, get them in soon! We'll try to post a few hours warning before closing things up, but in case we don't, nominations will close at 11:59PM CST.

Those links again are


You may also want to start thinking about potential offers and requests... *rubs hands together*

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Nomination clean up doesn't officially start til next week, but I'm open to getting head starts. Please comment here if:
  • there is a duplicate within a fandom
  • someone not in a fandom is showing up in that fandom
  • a character has been approved who should have been denied
  • a character has been denied who should have been approved
  • a character or fandom has a typo

Do NOT comment if:
  • you aren't in a fandom but a casual look makes you think that a character might not be eligible
  • one of your nominations was denied and you'd like to nominate something else (sorry)
  • one of your nominations hasn't been reviewed yet and its been more than 24 hours
  • your question or comment is not directly linked to nominations clean up
Here's the tag set for perusal and for nominations if you haven't made yours yet.

Comments are not screened. If you would prefer a screened comment, please use the comment post.

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From now until February 7 at 11:59PM CST, nominations are open!

Nominate fandoms and rarelywritten characters here for our AO3 tag set. Please check the nomination discussion post for any questions or to advertise any open spots you have. Remember to re-read the FAQ regarding eligibility. We'll have a 'quality check' period before sign-ups, but it is always easier to catch these things early.

Once you've been approved or declined you cannot re-nominate, so choose wisely, and check numbers first!

If you are so inclined, feel free to use this spreadsheet to declare what you've nominated.

Comments here are closed, but discussion will continue at the nomination discussion post and at the mod contact post.

Again, the link for nominations is here!

(If you're on tumblr, please reblog this post!)
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We're just over a week out from nominations! Use this time to promote in your own spaces (linking here, to our tumblr, or to our RSS LJ feed) and to hash out your nomination ideas at the brainstorming post.

If you'd like, you can "lock in" your nominations on this self-reporting Google Docs form. We won't be monitoring this, but it can be a handy reference for finding out if someone has already been taken care-of.

Please direct any questions or comments to this post. <3
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Please use this space to:
  • plan nominations
  • offer open nomination spots
  • ask if there is interest in a fandom or character(s)
  • advertise a fandom or character(s)
  • hash out numbers and potential eligiblity
  • promote or request nominations for fandoms or character(s) you don't have room for in your nomination set
Reminder: You may nominate one to five fandoms and one to five characters in each.


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