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The rarelywritten 2015 archive is LIVE!


We have 93 stories in 112 fandoms, all featuring rarely written characters of underrepresented genders and sexes. Be sure to kudo, comment, and rec -- if you make a rec post to this comm, or link us to one on your own journal, we'll repost and approve it!

Thank you for participating, and double thank you to all of the pinch hitters! *scurries off to read!*
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Welcome to the last day of April. That means our archive will go LIVE in three days, on May 3! If everything appears ready to go, we'll open as soon as possible on that day, and so far we seem on track to go live then!

Pinch hitters: Keep going! If you are coming against any issues, email me asap!

All other participants: If you haven't already, take a final look at your story. Make any last-minute edits, or changes that a beta got back to you after the deadline. Make sure to hit PUBLISH rather than Save as Draft, because we want everyone to see your lovely finished work!

If you have the weekend free and would like to write some mini gifts (of any length, really), the collection is open for stories! 

Thank you all so much!
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...and counting.

We have roughly 20 stories outstanding, and of those, have heard from just over 10 authors.

CHECK YOUR UPLOAD: IF YOU HIT PREVIEW RATHER THAN PUBLISH, YOUR STORY IS NOT IN THE ARCHIVE. Your story is a DRAFT and will be sent out for pinch hit as it is not readable by your assignee! (I know this is the case for at least two or three submissions!)

Also, you still have time to email me (broken record: aphrodite.mine at gmail) and cover yourself if you might run a little late.

We'll close submissions a bit after midnight and sometime tomorrow I'll be sending out any/all pinch hits. If you'd like to be on that list, email me as well! 

THANK you to all those who have submitted and pinch-hitted so far. WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!
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Things to remember as we near the due date:
  • upload your story if you haven't already (or finish it, or get it betaed!)
  • read over what you've uploaded and check for any lingering issues
  • be sure to PUBLISH rather than SAVE AS DRAFT
  • if you know you won't be able to finish by midnight 4/25 (CST, possibly a few hours after), make the responsible choice! drop and give your assignment to a pinch hitter, or contact me (aphrodite.mine at gmail) and we'll discuss options
  • again, for emphasis, be sure to PUBLISH rather than SAVE AS DRAFT

Steady on!
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Today is the last day you can default from this year's [community profile] rarelywritten  exchange without being penalized for next year. So, look at where you stand and your availability for the next week and consider what's best for your recipient -- if you default, you may still finish a story, but a pinch hitter will ensure that they have a story on time.

Stories are due on April 25 -- that, again, is one week from now.

We'll hopefully go live one week after that, assuming there aren't many last-minute drops and no-shows.

If you have any questions or problems, send me an email aphrodite.mine at gmail or leave a comment at the comment post and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


A side note: for those of you who listen to and/or record podfic, you may be interested in [community profile] recsremixesrepods  which aims to promote podfic of character of underrepresented genders and sexes.
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Greetings! Thanks to the pinch hit list for your fast and comprehensive response so far! Those of you writing, I hope your progress is going well!

If you are considering dropping the exchange, you have until April 18 to do that without being kept from next year's exchange (and dropping before that date will help us obtain pinch hitters in time for the reveal)

We're nearing crunch time, so if you're one of those who haven't started yet, go go go! <3
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Hi friends!

Hopefully you have started at least brainstorming about your [community profile] rarelywritten  fic! 

Stories are due on April 25, and you have until April 18 to drop without penalty for whatever reason.

If you feel ahead of schedule, check out the dear author letters and consider writing a treat or two -- these can be uploaded in the main collection.

If you have any questions or issues that arise, here again is the comment post, or you may email me at aphrodite.mine at
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Have been sent! Check your emails! Please contact us if you have been assigned in error.

We have a handful of pinch hits that will go out, hopefully, in the next 24 hours.

If your assignment is missing details, check the Dear Author post. If you'd like us to poke your recipient for details or a letter, you can email me at aphrodite.mine at
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Matches look good! Between a 12-hour delay, traveling out of country, and sickness, we still hope to get assignments out this weekend, barring any last minute issues. Edit: prozacpark has been sick, so we're delayed a bit!

Remember to write your dear author letter if you didn't include details in your sign-up (and even if you did!) and link to it at this post.

Any issues or questions? take it to the comment post.

We WILL have some pinch hits up front, so if you haven't signed up for that email list and want to, leave your email here.
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Sign ups close in t-minus four hours. Get those last minute edits/submissions done!


Good news!

Feb. 28th, 2015 07:48 pm
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While sign-ups were scheduled to end tomorrow 3-1, my co-mod [personal profile] prozacpark will be afk, and since she handles AO3, we'll be keeping sign-ups OPEN until 3-3 at midnight CST! That means if you've been debating what to offer and request, you have a few more hours. And if you're just tuning in, you still have time to join us!

If you've already signed up, check out the sign up summary and 1) offer needy fandoms, 2) switch requests in needy fandoms to fandoms more likely to be matched on.

& tell your friends! We're running pretty low numbers at present, and matches and a successful exchange are much more likely with more participants!

Here's the relevant links
Sign Up Here
Check out Tag Set
Sign Up Summary
Author Letters
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Have you signed up yet?

Currently, Agent Carter has the lead in requests and offers!

If you've already signed up, consider offering some fandoms at the top of the list.

We're open for another week, so go go go, & tell your friends!
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From the FAQ:
details details )

On that note, SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN and will be open for the rest of the month. If you need to reference the tag set, that's finalized and here.

The sign-up summary is here.

Once you have a Dear Author letter, link to it here.

If you haven't yet and would like to, please sign up for the pinch hit list!

If you still need an AO3 account, leave your email here and we'll do what we can. If you have questions or comments, please use the comment post.
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Link to you letters in the comments, or if you prefer simply write your letter here. Be sure to include:
  • your AO3 username
  • requested fandoms
  • requested characters
  • details you do want
  • any triggers/things you'd like to avoid
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Unless there are more fixes to be made, the tag set is complete and correct for 2015 and you can -- and should -- take a moment to plan out your sign-ups, or even start drafting a dear author letter.

From the FAQ; sign-ups have two portions

  • Choose three to six fandoms and "Any" or one to ten characters per fandom from the nomination set
  • Include details you would like to see and/or a link to an author's letter
  • Choose three to ten fandoms and "Any" or one to twenty characters per fandom from the nomination set
  • Please err on the side of requesting and offering as MANY characters as you feel comfortable with, as options make matching easier. Matching is also done via OR match rather than AND, and therefore listing many characters opens you up to more potential matches.
Link to the tag set
Link to the nominations fix post

Have a lovely weekend, see you tomorrow with the information on sign-ups!

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This is your three-hour heads up, continue as you were. :D
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A little over 24 hours left in nominations! If you're waiting til the last minute, get them in soon! We'll try to post a few hours warning before closing things up, but in case we don't, nominations will close at 11:59PM CST.

Those links again are


You may also want to start thinking about potential offers and requests... *rubs hands together*

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Nomination clean up doesn't officially start til next week, but I'm open to getting head starts. Please comment here if:
  • there is a duplicate within a fandom
  • someone not in a fandom is showing up in that fandom
  • a character has been approved who should have been denied
  • a character has been denied who should have been approved
  • a character or fandom has a typo

Do NOT comment if:
  • you aren't in a fandom but a casual look makes you think that a character might not be eligible
  • one of your nominations was denied and you'd like to nominate something else (sorry)
  • one of your nominations hasn't been reviewed yet and its been more than 24 hours
  • your question or comment is not directly linked to nominations clean up
Here's the tag set for perusal and for nominations if you haven't made yours yet.

Comments are not screened. If you would prefer a screened comment, please use the comment post.

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From now until February 7 at 11:59PM CST, nominations are open!

Nominate fandoms and rarelywritten characters here for our AO3 tag set. Please check the nomination discussion post for any questions or to advertise any open spots you have. Remember to re-read the FAQ regarding eligibility. We'll have a 'quality check' period before sign-ups, but it is always easier to catch these things early.

Once you've been approved or declined you cannot re-nominate, so choose wisely, and check numbers first!

If you are so inclined, feel free to use this spreadsheet to declare what you've nominated.

Comments here are closed, but discussion will continue at the nomination discussion post and at the mod contact post.

Again, the link for nominations is here!

(If you're on tumblr, please reblog this post!)
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Since its inception, rarewomen has been about being a fanfiction exchange that seeks to correct the gender disparity of characters represented in fanworks. We have noticed a gap between number of stories written about cis-men and those written about other genders and sexes. During last year's exchange, we encountered several characters whom mods and participants did not feel comfortable placing a cut-and-dry gender statement upon, or including under the banner "rarewomen".

As a result, we began the process of changing rarewomen into something that would continue to address underrepresented and/or marginalized genders or sexes in fanworks, but would also be more inclusive than the name rarewomen suggests.

This year, we will be operating under the name rarelywritten, or RW for shorthand. We are also moving our home base to dreamwidth, with our RSS feed [edit 1/17, thank you mk_tortie!] RSS feed as a follow-able LJ account and tumblr. Rules and modus operandi should be the same (with a few small adjustments) aside from the inclusion of other underrepresented and/or marginalized genders or sexes. This list can include but is not limited to: cis women, transgender women, transsexual women, genderqueer individuals, intersex individuals, gender fluid, a-gender, two-spirit, bigender, pangender, third gender, transgender men, transsexual men. If your character has self-identified as a gender that you are not sure is eligible, please ask and we will be happy to amend the list or clarify for you. One quick question you can ask yourself in regards to eligibility is "would this character feel comfortable being included in an exchange for underrepresented and/or marginalizes genders or sexes?" There is further elaboration on this point in the FAQ, found below.

Timeline for 2015 Exchange
Now: discuss potential nominations @ this post
January 30-February 7 11:59PM CST: nominations @ AO3, promotion @ your journal/twitter/tumblr
February 8-February 14 11:59PM CST: nominations clean up
February 15-March 1 11:59PM CST: sign ups @ AO3
Early-to-Mid March: assignments out @ AO3/your email
April 18 @ 9PM CST: drops/defaults after this time subject to banning in 2016
April 25 @ 9PM CST: stories due @ AO3
May 3 @ 6PM CST (pending no issues): stories and authors go live @ AO3, share and link your and other's work @ your journal/twitter/tumblr

Read more... )
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